Rockin' the Bald

A Fun Family Event to Raise Awareness For Childhood Cancer

Friday, September 30, 2016  |  6pm-10pm

Rivermarket Pavilions



Rockin' the Bald is a family friendly fundraising event using music to bring awareness to childhood cancer in Arkansas. In the past 2 years the event has featured the live music of great local bands including Jeff Coleman and the Feeders, Good Time Ramblers, Mulehead and Amasa Hines.

Rockin' the Bald began in 2014 in honor of a local cancer survivor Elijah Talley in his tenth year of fighting neuroblastoma. There is a desire to bring awareness to childhood cancer and to give to a charity which supports children and families affected by childhood cancer in Arkansas. Each year Rockin’ the Bald will honor a local childhood cancer survivor, our very own Rock Star.  This year we honor Kaden Peebles, age 17, a childhood cancer survivor.  Please see more about our Rock Stars below.

Your ticket to Rockin’ the Bald includes live music from Wildflowers Revue, Good Time Ramblers, Freeverse, and Stephen Neeper & the Wild Hearts.  The event will also include complementary head shavings so you can Rock the Bald in support! Presale tickets are $15 for Adults and $10 for children under 12 and are available here. Tickets at the door will be $20 for Adults and $10 for children under 12.

Proceeds from the 2016 event will benefit Make-A-Wish® Mid-South

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2016 rockin' the bald rock star


Hello! My name is Kaden Peebles and I am a pediatric cancer survivor. On February 25, 2015 I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (bone cancer) after being misdiagnosed with a sports injury for 8 months. Upon diagnosis, I immediately began treatment. My treatment lasted for one year and consisted of 17 rounds of chemo and 32 days of radiation. Although I would never ask for something like cancer, I am extremely blessed with all of the lessons treatment taught me and the amazing people placed in my life through treatment. My faith is a key part in my story, and I give all the credit to God. It is God who was by my side every step of the way and I am beyond thankful for all of the blessing he has given me. Today I am cancer free, a high school graduate, and preparing for the next phase of my life: college! I am majoring in Family and Child Studies, specializing in Child Life. I plan to become a Child Life Specialist and work with pediatric cancer patients!




Jakob was 13 years old when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October, 2014. What should have been a typical 8th grade year turned into months of missed school, doctor appointments, hospital stays, chemotherapy, radiation and prescription medications. Throughout the whole challenge--something most adults would find daunting--Jakob kept a smile and positive attitude. He was always keenly aware that as bad as he had it, there were a lot kids who weren't as lucky as he was.

One source of strength came from his friend, Elijah. Jakob and Elijah had been friends since elementary school and he had witnessed Elijah's fight and determination first hand. Little did we know that Jakob would also learn the challenges of cancer. Like all teens, the boys don't want to be defined as "cancer kids"....just normal kids who happen to have cancer. Jakob is honored to be the 2015 Rock Star.




In August 2005, Elijah was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.  He was 4 years old.   He endured 7 rounds of high dose chemo at Arkansas Children's Hospital, received radiation 14 times, and at the end of 2005 underwent a stem cell transplant using his own stem cells . He always handled being in the hospital with his normal zest for life and exuberant personality. We prayed the chemotherapy and his stem cell transplant would be successful and that Elijah could once again get back to the normal activities of a five-year-old boy....and free of cancer, but neuroblastoma had different plans.  On May 23, 2007, doctors found out Elijah's Neuroblastoma had returned.  He endured more rounds chemo, a second stem cell transplant, more radiation and 6 months of accutane therapy.  We didn't get the results we were hoping for and Elijah's disease continued to progress.  He has been on continuous treatment ever since here in Little Rock at Arkansas Childrens' Hospital and at the Childrens' Hospital of Philadephia.
This August will be 11 years since Elijah was first diagnosed with cancer.  Elijah has beaten his disease multiple times and has always done so with an unparalleled sense of humor, wisdom beyond his years, and a strong love for art and rock-n-roll. 

When Elijah was diagnosed, he was getting ready to start pre-k.  Now as he marks the 11th anniversary of his diagnosis, he is preparing to start sophmore year in high school.  He doesn't let cancer define him.  He is a 15 year old young man.  He likes to wear Converse, hang out with his friends, and he pretty much rocks on the guitar.   We've always believed that attitude is half the battle - and all 3 of these Rockstars have faced  cancer with an attitude that is nothing less than heroically fierce. 

Elijah was granted his Make A Wish when he was 5 years old.  He chose to visit Disney World and had an amazing time with his family.  Our hope is that you will support our effort to raise funds for  Make-A-Wish so more cancer patients like Elijah, Jakob and Kaden  can have the wish of a lifetime.

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